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SIT’s Zero Fees Scheme continues for 2023
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SIT’s Zero Fees Scheme continues for 2023



The Primary Industries sector is one of New Zealand’s largest economic drivers and provides employment to over 350,000 people. A qualification from SIT provides the best start to an agricultural or horticultural career.

Our Telford campus specialises in rural education and is well-known for its unique on-farm learning environment. Students experience first-hand what farm life is like on the 921 hectares of working farmland and gain their qualification through hands-on training. Telford graduates are employed in every part of the Agriculture sector - from sheep & beef, dairy, deer and cropping, to agricultural contracting, fencing, stock agents and shearers.

Our SIT2LRN Distance Learning faculty offers a wide range of online NZQA qualifications in horticulture and agriculture. Study from home to get qualified in Agribusiness, Sustainable/Organic Primary Production, Horticulture, Landscaping or Wool Technology.

Available Courses

Available Courses in
  • SIT2LRN Distance Learning
  • Telford
  • Telford Distance
  • Biological Husbandry Unit (BHU)